Why a Tiny House?

Why did I decide on a Tiny House?

Basically, it was the creeping realisation that having somewhere to reliably live as I get older and physically unable to undergo too many more house moves.

 The patio garden at Seaford
It's not much, but I enjoy my patio garden.

Being in the rental trap means that my home will always be at the behest of someone likely to sell it out from under me. This has happened to me far too many times in my adult life. Two years ago I finally found somewhere I'm completely happy and which I could afford and still live reasonably (although frugally) on my pension. However, as the property is owned by someone else and he's getting to an age where, if he dies and the property passes to his children, I'm likely to be turfed out along with the other 6 residents of the small unit block, and the likelihood of finding something else in any way as comfortable and such a good fit that I can afford is remote.

Getting older has many problems, but for so many of us, the fear of having either nowhere to live, or having to move in with someone else is very real.

As awful as it may seem, my aging mother is at the end of her life, and she's asked me before what I intend to do with the inheritance she'll be leaving me. It won't be enough to buy something suitable to live in and I have no idea where I actually want to be anyway as my family all grow up and scatter.

The concept of a Tiny House appeals for several reasons:

  • it's something I will be able to afford to build and maintain,
  • I can build something that suits my needs rather than shoehorn my needs into someone elses idea of a good design,
  • being mobile, I can locate to where it best suits the available circumstance,
  • I don't have to go through that terrifying ordeal of packing, finding helpers, moving, unpacking and needing 2 weeks to get over it all, and
  • if I don't like the neighbours or it's all too noisy and annoying, I can up stakes and move onto a friend's property (if I'm not there already).


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